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Thats me. Hi. Most of the sound bytes here are something of a historical glimpse of  projects and groups I have played with or started and support in the Bay Area  music community.(the links play mp3's of the band referenced). With exception of the" jam" diddies below, these are all songs I have principally written.
    The "
tuneage" link has some moments and links to some of my other favorite bands that have inspired and promoted my interest in music. The songs posted below are broken down somewhat by style....but for a little adventure in how they all came to be and the experience I have had in bands over the last 20 years, they are also in the context of my bandliography   link.

song clips:
Kinda funky:

Dr Ziggy's Uptown Boogie

Hide my Keys

TV Funk

Sort of rockin:

Called her again

Seems to Be

Window Panes

The Place He Knew

Jams of a Phattish nature:

Elephantine Overlord




Avo Jam w/ Sean

Poppy/folk-ish stuff:

Take a Ride


Dean Claeys
dean claeys
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