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Dean Claeys … I be .  Aargh!

Welcome to the ever evolving Phatjam site!

This is an ongoing adventure in music creating, promoting, and sharing that  links to bands and music relating to projects I am or was involved in …as well as friend’s bands and other West Coast bands  I am familiar with and advocate for. There is little in life that makes me as happy as playing and listening to music, and being a part of the process that happens as music is being created, how that is influenced by the people playing and listening to it….and how that uniquely brings people together for good things and generally fun times too. Tabs on left are self explanatory, but some of what you can find here:

Jamalia… (rocks) and is the primary band I play sax and do some singing in that is based in Northern Oregon.

The Bandliography  page includes clips and info on groups  I have been in and played with since I started playing original music with friends in college (circa 1988)

Meatbird the music production wing and catch all moniker for songs and projects I have been a principal writer in (and\or collaborated with other band members) It represents this cumulative body of work which I publish and sometimes perform mostly my own material under.

Powers That Be… is a band of friends that I helped start for several years in the Bay Area before moving to Oregon in 2009. They are rolling right a long still, so check them too.

The Bands and Links pages… offer links to phatjams from bands and music I particularly enjoy

Check out the other tabs on the left for some other projects and  musical misadventures……and thanks for coming by!   

                    Dean Claeys (aka Meatbird)

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Original music...beefy jams...sound bytes and links to bands.