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Dean Claeys. (what a character that guy is….)

You can listen to or download a spliced edit of a few originals that I am using as a demo to get some solo acoustic gigs here:

Dean Solo Acoustic Demo or  this recent set from

Seven Brides Brewery here

I can play up to 3 hours if need be and generally do about half original tunes and about half covers…not big on really popular songs in general, but certainly some  classic favorites ( by Dylan, Petty, John Prine, the Beatles, Jerry Garcia, James Taylor .. among others) in addition to some lesser known (by artists like John Hyatt, Richard Thompson, Blue Rodeo, Chuck Prophet, Matthew Sweet, Shawn Colvin). I also have a guitar “looper” so do some soloing in some tunes… sometimes even trying to grab my sax and throw in a lead. I do also perform solo on tenor sax… but this is generally more incidental background fare and free form playing for the most part.

I am a sax player (tenor, alto, Yamaha digital DX7) , vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist who enjoys making noise on a number of instruments and if I didn't have to do anything else, would more often than not be in my studio making, playing or recording tunes. Now in my 44th year, since elementary school,  I have always been attracted to music and had a grandfather who was very immersed in appreciating and performing over most of his life. I started playing at 12 in Jr. High and ended up being obsessed with music  more than anything else even though my Grandad tried to dissuade me of the pitfalls of devoting your life to it.  Too  late!

If I don’t have some good outlets for music…. (Oooh, I shudder at the thought!) I can have fun playing some bass, keys or drums too, although I do not claim to be  a “player” on any of those. I also enjoy recording and engineering. My current fun and ongoing band for most of the last year now ...are my good friends in Jamalia(this link will take you to this sites page where you can find tunes and links to our other group sites)

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Thanks!    Dean




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