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the Mara Connection
The Mara Connection is a fine union of friends who have played together for years...our name coming from the commonality of Mara who was a mutual friend that most of us know. We are a very eclectic sort of group...probably more rock than anything, but also grooving on some folk, funk, slacker jazz... and even some swing.
     I am playing rythym guitar, singing, and playing sax when not doing either of the other two. Dave Gantenbein had contributed in helping me write and perform many of the songs we do over the years as a bass player, but our good friend and former bass player Evan Schulz (who I have also written with for years) had relocated back to the area, so he joined us with his sweet backing vocals and Dave was given the reprieve of  getting to play some of the material on guitar. I think you will agree he shreds it up quite nicely...and we are looking forward to getting out and performing soon. As it is, we are pleased with what we have goin' (and staying true to a basic tenet)... we strive to not suck.

    To hear more about  us in other bands we have been in together, you can check out this 
bandliography link that has some additional sound bytes and some historical perspective.
lucy loves the mara jamz...
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Very rough mix from new cd!!!!
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